Paul Lake Boat Launch

Survey - Paul Lake Boat Launch

Good morning KFFA Members,

BC Parks proposed an update to their Paul Lake Master Plan at our Mediation in 2020. Urban Systems has worked with BC Parks and the first part of this process is the Survey that is due on August 15th.

The attached Poster provides a bar code link a clickable link to the survey as wel. I have repeated the link here .

KFFA & KDF&GA presentations to Urban Systems - Paul Lake Master Plan Update

On 2021 June 9th both our groups attended a Zoom meeting with representatives from Urban Systems. What happens next;

During July a survey will be uploaded to BC Parks website and that link will be forwarded to us which I will forward to you. Also during July surveys will be conducted at the Park facility at Paul Lake. Your Committee wants our Members to submit their input in these surveys. These surveys are expected to be completed by July 31st.

Notice of Complaint Proceeding

Attached is the latest correspondance from the BC Human Rights Tribunal (HRT). Our complaint has now been serverd on the Province of B. C..

The HRT wants to know when we are available to meet for a Settlement Conference and that is the next stage in this process. We will keep you up to date on the process via Monthly Meetings and Email.

At our 2019 December 17th monthly meeting I made the following resolution:

Paul Lake Boat Launch Members documents

The documents attached to this article are for Members to complete. Please send in forthwith as time is of the sessence. Leonard Piggin

NOTE: The third document is a form that Members can use to complete their own complaint.

Paul Lake Boat Launch Human Rights Complaint

Our membership unanimously approved filing the complaint at our 2019 March 26th monthly meeting.